At what stage of the repair is the door placed? At what stage of repair it is worth making the door? In order to get an answer to this question, we will find out which door and which room, in general, are talking about. It is this factor that plays in the process of installing the door a paramount role.

So, if we are talking about the installation of the door in the bathroom or toilet rooms, then it is worth starting this process at the end of all dirty and dusty work (laying tiles and wall tiles, plastering of the ceiling. As for the type of doors itself, experienced craftsmen recommend installing laminated doors. If your choice still fell on a classic wooden version, then you need to choose doors with high-quality moisture-resistant varnish coating. Such doors will serve you especially long.

As for the front door, professionals follow metal doors that combine reliability and aesthetics. The installation of the front door should, on the contrary, should be carried out at the primary, base stage of repair. In favor of this statement, the fact is that it is with this approach that the door will stand perfectly evenly and will not cause your complaints throughout the operational period.

And finally, consider the installation of interior doors. The finishing of the floor is of primary importance here. The door should be installed exclusively on the finished surface (the laminate, linoleum should be covered. In addition, plaster, putty and installation work should be completed, which are accompanied by an abundance of moisture, dust, etc. D.. According to the results of monitoring, the most budgetary and sought -after type of interior doors today are plastic doors.