DIY tile sticker

For repair in the bathroom, you need to choose high -quality and modern materials with a long service life. In this case, the material must have high moisture resistance indicators. The most common material for finishing the bathroom is tile. Manufacturers offer a huge variety of color and stylistic solutions of this material. Therefore, when choosing tiles, it is necessary to take into account the color and style of plumbing of the bathroom. To decorate the walls of other rooms, it is better to use wallpaper, and you can buy wallpaper in an online store at an affordable cost.

Before starting the main work, you need to prepare the work surface. If you decide to finish the floor with tiles in the bathroom, then dismantle the old floor covering. After the garbage is taken out of the room, inspect the surface, it should be perfectly flat. If there are small irregularities on the floor, then use a cement mortar that is applied with a spatula (be sure to use the construction level). If the floor is uneven, then perform a bulk cement floor using the building “lighthouses”. After the working surface is prepared and dried after leveling, you can start the main job.

Find and designate the middle of the floor, since the tile is glued, starting from the middle. Glue should be applied to the back of the tile, which immediately needs to be glued to the surface with a slight physical press (be sure to use the level). The next tile is glued to the joint with the first, while building crosses are inserted between the seams. When the work is completed by the cross, pull out.