Autonomous sewage system – what is it

One of the main points in housing is autonomous sewage. Its correct device and appropriate maintenance are no less important, due to environmental and material considerations.

When arranging an autonomous sewage system, do not chase cheapness. The question is very scrupulous, further use your sewage system will remind itself with expensive repairs.

What should be taken into account when choosing an autonomous sewage. First of all, the documentation should be in perfect order. And this is: a hygienic certificate, the conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological station, which indicates the validity period, as well as where and by whom the conclusions were made.

The reputation of the company in which you purchase the sewer should be impeccable, always prepared to give the necessary consultation, as well as provide warranty service.

A simple resident, spending about 3 thousand. dollars, will be able to purchase a system that will not fail. The optimal solution is a compact deep cleaning station. It is very simple and quickly mounted. Sufficiently resistant to low temperature. Sealed and environmentally friendly. Has a long service life (up to 50 years).

Using a high -quality autonomous sewer, you will solve many problems for yourself and forget about the concept of “drainage cleaning” forever!

The company “Service ECO” represents the innovative autonomous systems of the Topolevater sewage system for wastewater treatment and treatment facilities about incredibly low prices. On the Serviseco website you can buy a reliable autonomous sewer right now.