Autonomous heating in a country house. Continuation.

True, electricity, although quite affordable, at the same time, is not uncertain for heating multi-storey cottages due to its high cost. If we consider electricity as the basis of the heating system, then exclusively in buildings relative to moderate area. Gas heating

Gas boilers – undoubtedly, one of the most popular types of heating systems today. In the process of creating a water heating system, a gas boiler can be effectively used as a full -fledged heat source, as a magnificent alternative to a liquid fuel or solid fuel boiler.

However, they are beneficial only when there is access to the centralized gas supply highway. This is the most energy -saving heating.

Solid fuel boilers

In the absence of high -quality power supply and gas line, a solid fuel boiler can be a good option. Its obvious advantage is that it is able to effectively function on a variety of fuel – wood, sawdust, coal, peat. The advantage of a solid fuel boiler should also be considered its absolute unpretentiousness. However, their autonomy is purely conditional, because they require constant control by the user. It is also worth remembering that solid -fuel boilers are quite massive and overall, so they need much more space for installation.

However, alternative options for creating an effective heating system are always found. Based on financial capabilities and specific circumstances, the buyer always has the opportunity to determine the most optimal option for himself, both in price and efficiency.