Brick and porous stone at the prices of the manufacturer from the VVKZ

Modern construction is gradually capturing more and large territories. To carry out different works in this industry, a popular building material was always required and required – brick.

Its production requires large capacities and brick factories that could fully provide builders. So, 200 kilometers from the capital is a plant with its own production site, thanks to which the price of brick is lower than at similar enterprises. The place for the construction of the Verkhnevolzhsky brick factory (VVKZ) in the Tver region, the city of Rzhev was not chosen by chance, so only a hundred kilometers from it is the railway, and the road track is at a distance of five hundred meters. This factor played a decisive role, since such a location of a production enterprise for the production of bricks provides convenience in loading finished products in any required volume. The production site of the plant allows for the production of 160 million pieces of conditional brick in one year, this indicator is the largest in the Russian industry. The factory has established the production of such types of ceramic bricks as a facial, slotted ordinary and porous private (stone).

Thanks to the constant development and increase of their capacities (factory equipment from world famous machine-building manufacturers), the Verkhnevolzhsky ceramic plant became the leader of ceramics manufacturers for construction in the Russian Federation. Having installed such modern equipment on the production site, the plant eventually received:

1.Automated line for making brick.2. Minimum influence of the human factor.3. High product quality.4.The exact dimensions of the products (due to cutting high accuracy).5.A minimum of defects (thanks to the use of an ultramodern press).6. Rather low cost of brick.