Classification of existing methods for the production of large -panel

Classification of existing methods for the production of large-panel products The advantages of the flow-aggregate scheme consist in its versatility and the possibilities of quick reappropling of the lines when changing the nomenclature of products. The highest stage of factory production is conveyor technology, which allows you to mechanize almost all processes and provides a more productive labor organization. In technical and economic terms, the use of conveyor lines is most advisable at high -power enterprises. In small factories, conveyor lines are ineffective. With the conveyor method of production, the products are formed in specialized posts equipped with appropriate equipment. The movement of forms by posts is carried out in the forced rhythm with gear devices that are part of the conveyor, pulsating movements or continuously. Your office may require voltage stabilizers, which you can buy here – stabilizers of stress inexpensive. The forced rhythm of the work determines the same duration of the shape of the form at each post and the need for strict linking the rhythm of working with the terminal processing cycle of products. The conveyors of continuous movement include vibration rolling mills and lines-steam structures n. I. Kozlova, consisting of a continuous tape on which all operations of molding and hardening of products are performed. The varieties of conveyor production methods with pulsating motion include cassette-converse forming technology, in which all operations for molding and thermal processing of products are performed in an upright position. At the same time, mobile shields and shapes in a given rhythm pass specialized areas (posts), each of which sequentially performs all operations for the preparation and configuration of forms, molding and thermal processing of products. Products that have undergone thermal processing are filed for the post of finishes.