Glued wooden structures: from “elites” to “economy”

Disadvantages of wood predetermined the development of more modern wall materials. Without disputing the traditional popularity of this natural building material, the modernity required constructive intervention of the human mind into the original properties of wood. Today’s result of this intervention was the emergence of new technologies.

For all the popularity of wood, it has certain disadvantages. One of them is the presence of moisture in wood material. For this reason, wood can be a victim of wood fungi or decay. When dried, wet wood changes its geometry – covers with cracks, bends. Unfortunately, preliminary drying of wooden materials does not guarantee a one hundred percent result – under the influence of the temporary factor, wooden structures lose their original shape, demanding that the resulting cracks.

The search for output ended with a replacement of whole wood glued from pre-dried lamp boards. This marked the revolution in the production of wooden building materials. Glued beam is not subject to twisting, not covered with cracks, the log house made from it is distinguished by a minimum shrinkage. However, the cost of this material significantly exceeds a similar indicator of wall materials from solid wood.

The aesthetic views of the supporters of log houses, having a more stylish look than beam houses, pushed the production workers to create glued logs. The technology for the production of glued logs is similar to the process of production of glued beams, still possessing a number of differences. Gluing dried boards is supplemented by technological operations of profiling and surface coating with protective compounds.

A larger glued wooden structure (BKDK) is a monolithic set of wood parts connected by glue. This design is assigned a enclosing, bearing and decorative role. The use of BKDK makes it unnecessary to use intermediate supports when overlapping large spans. We are talking about beams, farms, frames, arches made of glued wood.

Glued panels that take the first steps on the domestic market, combine the capabilities of different types of buildings. The building, built using glued wooden panels, has positive qualities inherent in wood, namely: excellent heat conservation, environmental safety. The speed of erecting such buildings is related by glued panels with frame technology. And the possibility of using a variety of finishing materials draws an analogy with a stone building.