“Clean” construction

Cleanliness and order at the construction site are very important in order to save and even from the purely aesthetic side. The quality of building materials is also very important, there is a special construction laboratory that is engaged in quality testing.

There are at least 4 basic rules of clean and accurate construction:

1. Building materials.

Store similar materials together – wood to wood, stone to stone, metal to metal, etc. D.

2. Planning.

If there is an urgent need to bring any building material not according to the schedule, then you should already know where to place it. For example, you need to take another ton of sand, but do not go to the place of the previous heap, for any reason. Choose a specific place with a convenient entrance in your site to place the bought material there. Later you can figure out how and where to move it. In general, do not unload the building materials “somewhere”, otherwise the material may simply be trampled or damaged.

3. Carefully! Electricity!

Now, probably not a single construction is without the use of the power tool. Make sure that all electric cables are suspended at sufficient height and well isolated. If you use carrying and extension cords, isolate well and them. Thus, you will protect yourself and workers from random falls and current lesions.

4. Control.

Make such a list:

1st column: the name and number of all building materials and tools (a list of building materials can be approached approximately);

2nd column: bought a purchase date; Next are columns with the dates of work and initials (you can add the entry “took”-“gave”) a worker who took on use a tool or a certain amount of material, opposite the relevant tools and materials.

If you have such an opportunity, bypass the territory of the site to follow the state of cleanliness every couple of hours, or give such a task to one of the workers. These simple measures will protect you from random damage to the tool and building material.