Than plastic windows are better than wooden?

Windows made of polyvinyl chloride, early generations, are very different from modern models. At this time, modern plastic windows are significantly superior to their tree competitors, despite the fact that some time ago it was an equal struggle. The prevalence of plastic windows increases from year to year. Constantly improving production methods. What are the advantages of progressive plastic profiles? Excellent thermal protection, which is guaranteed by such windows, will allow you to be incredibly pleased to feel in your home. Lightness of care. The obvious advantage of windows made of plastic is ease of care. It is enough to wash the windows with a detergent without abrasive elements or warm soap water and treat regularly fittings. Safety. Modern windows will not release toxic substances into the atmosphere. Modern PVC designs are not prone to fire, like wooden. Hygroscopicity. PVC windows are not able to absorb water and deform how wooden windows can do it. Big choice. The modern design of PVC windows is able to fit into even the most exotic interior design. Prices. The main indicator in the purchase of any type of product is the price. The reasons for the purchase of economical window profiles can be called a huge number. For example, they are a wonderful way to arrange an office room. Plastic profiles are made of special plastic, which is noticeably cheaper than a window from wood material. Currently, windows made of plastic are practicality, safety and functionality, without the threat of excessive expenses.