For the bathroom to please every day

The repair of the bathroom is always more acute than in other rooms, since this process is associated with great inconveniences. You still need to take into account a number of factors when re -equipping the bathroom: size, room shape, direction of lighting, and so on. Based on this, building materials and plumbing are selected. First, evaluate the parameters of the space, because the shape and size of the bathroom determine the color scheme and the design of all objects and materials.

If you are the happy owner of a spacious room, you can afford any project. Tiles for floor and walls can be selected both warm and cold shades. The direction will also not play a big role. Depending on your financial capabilities, select a standard bath, shower or jacuzzi. Moreover, modern showers combine both the function of the bath and the massage effect of the jacuzzi. Next, we complement the interior with nightstands suitable in style, mount the sink and all the necessary accessories.

Another situation is the design of a narrow bathroom when you have to show all the ingenuity and ingenuity. In this case, we select the tiles of warm light tones. One of the walls (longitudinal) is advisable to make completely mirrored, this will visually increase the space.

Put on the floor either rectangular tiles or laminate. Moreover, it is important that the strips are located across the room. Here it will very come in handy a shower cabin of a rounded shape or corner. Or you can put a small bath to the far wall of the room. Shells should choose compact, rectangular or semicircular shape. Will have to abandon the nightstands. It is better to hang a couple of shelves or hinged mirror lockers.