Complex solutions of the KNAUF group. Dropped ceilings.

To create suspended ceilings, suspended rack structures are applied, covered with sheets of drywall of a certain size. During operation, especially with temperature and humidity drops in rooms, thin plate plate slabs can be deformed, therefore, often preference is given to a thickness of 12 mm. Minimum thickness thickness of the frame – 0.32 mm. There are two main types of suspended ceilings – modular, delivered to the object in collected form, and continuous, which are made directly at the facility. In the shape of the modules, they are panel, rail, cassette, lattice and cellular. Basic sizes of modules: 600×600, 1200×600, 1200×1200 and 1500×300 mm. Modular systems are characterized by ease of installation and their low cost, provide convenient access to engineering networks in the inter -ground space. Depending on the type of room, they allow you to achieve the necessary indicators in acoustics, bactericidality, moisture resistance and strength. Dismantling and replacing individual elements occur without the destruction of the general design of the premises. And if you want high -quality stretch ceilings g. Odintsovo, then you will be offered very favorable conditions. The best choice for original design solutions is solid systems, using which you can create one – two – and multi -level ceilings of various designs both with classic geometric shapes or curves, and curved lines. This allows you to visually divide the room into zones.