Cooper air conditioners&Hunter in the BT-Service online store

COOPER COOPER CONDITIONS&Hunter has been using the full trust of buyers around the world for more than a hundred years. The brand managed to gain such high trust in the high quality of its products, as well as the desire to remain on the crest of the wave of success by introducing innovation. Each new generation of air conditioners from Cooper&Hunter differs from the previous implementation of technical achievement and invention. By acquiring the technique of this class, you knowingly give preference to the best in the market of climatic technology.

Cooper Hunter air conditioners in the BT-Service online store are represented by a wide model number, in which you can easily find the optimal solution for your home. The company is a certified partner of Cooper&Hunter in Ukraine. This means that the company’s employees have a complete idea of ​​how each model of the air conditioner is arranged, how its installation is carried out, as well as what service maintenance will be required throughout the entire service life. Order Cooper air conditioners&Hunter in BT -Service – Kyiv and you will receive full support of your purchase – warranty service, installation, service, delivery.

You can make a purchase in BT-Service in any of the cities of Ukraine specified by Cooper-And-Hunter. When ordering the air conditioner in Kyiv, delivery is carried out by the transport of the company. When applying for delivery to the cities of Ukraine, delivery is made by Nova Poshta with cash on delivery, in this case, payment is made upon receipt of the order, including the commission of the carrier. If necessary, on the site you can apply for a loan to buy a Cooper air conditioner&Hunter-in the OTP Credit or Ukrsibbank.