Criteria for choosing a heating radiator

During the repair or operation of the dwelling, often the question arises of replacing heating radiators. What to be guided by when choosing a radiator that is suitable for your home?

When you choose a radiator, immediately exclude radiators from the list of applicants, who have less working pressure in the heating system used in your house. Be sure to look at the diameter of the pipes (internal) used in the radiator.

Pay attention to such an indicator as heat transfer. The higher the heat transfer, the less the dimensions of the radiator, and it will take less space. Materials with the greatest heat transfer in descending: aluminum, steel, cast iron.

Cast iron radiators are very well known to everyone. They are very durable, they serve for a long time and are little prone to rust. But at the same time, many consumers consider the “design” of such a device unsatisfactory.

Steel radiators. Have 2 collectors at the top and below are connected by the channel located vertically. A flat surface has a beneficial effect on an increase in heat transfer. In strength are inferior to cast -iron, but surpass aluminum.

Aluminum radiators. The highest heat transfer, the necessary temperature in the room is quickly achieved. But due to the fragility of this metal, its use in multi-storey buildings is not recommended, since such radiators may not withstand high pressure.

A plus in favor of a particular radiator will be the presence of an air drill valve, which will allow you to eliminate air traffic jams.