Basic principles of eco style in landscape design in New Zealand

For no style of landscape design is color as important as for “eco”. Only colors from the natural palette of the area are acceptable.

Any bright color that is not typical of natural nature will be a dissonance, a foreign inclusion. This rule also applies to the home, but eco-style is widely reflected in modern architecture, so choosing a suitable project will not be difficult.

The facade must be made of natural wood or stone. Also, one of the techniques that is used when bringing a house or fence into the general style is vertical gardening. With its help you can hide a fence made of corrugated sheets or a wall of a house covered with plastic siding.

Zoning Features

When zoning, the main rule must be observed – do not isolate zones from each other, there must be stylistic unity between them. It is also important to ensure smooth transitions from one zone to another. The recreation area can be highlighted by a tall tree, under which a cozy hut will be hidden, from which there will be a view of the fireplace of the barbecue area and a path running into the forest beyond the border of the site. Convenience and simplicity, no clear lines or symmetry: such zoning is alien to nature, which means it is not suitable for an eco-garden.