Eco-friendly house of the future: ideas and rules of construction

Residents of megacities cannot significantly influence the environmental situation in their city, so more and more customers prefer to concentrate their efforts on the fight for the environment within their own home.

In addition to using natural and environmentally friendly materials, in order for a house to receive the eco-prefix, it must have several other important qualities.


Most people use gas or electric boilers to heat their homes. But with prices rising, more and more homeowners are starting to think about finding more affordable alternatives. One of them is geothermal heating. Briefly, the essence of the method is this: through special heat pumps, the energy of the bowels of the earth is used.

Another more economical and environmentally friendly way is to use a pellet boiler, which runs on solid fuel made from peat, waste from the agricultural and wood processing industries.

Solar panels on the roof

Solar energy is the best way to reduce home maintenance costs. According to statistics, to completely cover the needs of one country house in the United States, from 28 to 34 solar panels are required. This method of energy supply is rapidly gaining popularity. According to research, 500,000 solar panels are installed around the world every day.