Fencing tape can be used in many cases

In order to identify construction sites. The possibility of falling icicles or collapse of the building, scene of the accident, underground heating mains, cables, etc. D. The fence tape is used. This fencing material has gained its popularity thanks to excellent characteristics, ease of operation, lightness and more than affordable price. Among all other fencing materials, the signaling tape confidently occupies a leading position.

Companies engaged in the production of a fencing tape produce it in three types of “economy”, “standard” and “reinforced”. The most common is the “Standard” class tape of its operational properties is magnificent, the thickness of the material itself is 50 μg, and explanatory inscriptions are most often flaunted on the tape, which is why a fence of a particular section occurred. In addition to the inscriptions “Dangerous”, “DTP”, and T. D. On the fence tape, you can apply the telephones of the company conducting construction work, its name, logo and thereby get an additional advertising area.

According to the existing legislation, the fencing of the construction site is mandatory, it is here that fencing signal tapes come to the rescue, which can be pulled in a matter of minutes, and it is also easy to remove to put on storage.

Knowing the main purpose of the signal fencing tapes – a warning, we can conclude that this material should be strong, wear -resistant and bright. It is precisely why the fencing ribbons are most often produced in red, white, yellow and black. Often you can see fences from a tape with alternating oblique lines. Such sites are very difficult not to notice even a person wearing glasses. Brightness and throwing makes it possible to go around the prohibited area in advance and thereby it is possible to save your life.

To stand out from the total mass, some companies order original fencing ribbons, they may differ in width and coloring, as well as the quality and place of use. There are special fencing ribbons for external and internal construction work, they can be on an adhesive basis, so that the builders have the opportunity to allocate hazardous areas on the surface or, conversely, determine the exact place of installation. Almost the entire signaling protective tape is available in the video, their difference can only be the length of wound material.