Compiling a combined calendar plan

To draw up a consolidated calendar plan, you need: a design task of a complex of buildings and structures under construction with estimated and financial calculations; the directive timing of commissioning of the entire complex of buildings and structures and individual queues; Materials of technical and technical and economic surveys characterizing the construction conditions on the selected site. Outbound dry cleaning has long been very popular. For example, caring of carpet in the office is only possible in this way. Very convenient and not very costly!

It is advisable to develop a consolidated calendar construction plan in the following sequence:

1) calculate the volume of work throughout the complex of buildings and structures along the site;

2) establish methods for the production of basic work and choose the main construction machines and vehicles;

3) to establish the timing of the construction of the queues and the entire complex of buildings and structures, as well as the implementation of preparatory and general -searches;

4) calculate labor costs, as well as material and technical resources;

5) draw up calendar plans for ensuring the construction of material and technical resources and equipment;

6) establish the composition of work on the creation or development of the production base of construction and installation organizations.

The volume of work should be calculated by enlarged estimated standards for buildings and structures (simplified tax system). The need for workers at the stage under consideration is determined by the planned daytime, monthly or annual development. Material and technical resources are determined by indicators of the need for materials for 100 thousand. rub.

The nomenclature of work is accepted in accordance with the list of enlarged structural elements shown in the enlarged estimated standards on the design and types of work (UKN).Ways to work at the stage of project assignment are established only for the main, most laborious work. For them, the need for the largest machines and for working basic professions is determined.