For laying mosaics, it is best to use latex -based glue.

This solution is ideal for glass surface. Observe accuracy when applying such glue. Use a spatula that has cloves about 3.5 mm. For laying smalt, cloves must be 7.5mm. Thanks to such a spatula, excess glue will not go beyond the seams. The surface of the mosaic will come out smooth and even.

Laying mosaic tiles can cause difficulties, but caring for it is much easier. You can clean the mosaic with water and almost any detergent. The exception is abrasive. If you do not need a mosaic, then industrial floors may be interested in. Learn in detail about polyplane 1001 – material for polyurethane bulk floors, polyplan 1002 – material for antistatic bulk floors or primer 1101 – polyurethane primer for concrete, as well as polyflex – enamel for concrete floor.

The artistic capabilities of mosaics are also of interest. A wide selection of ornament is presented, from ordinary geometric shapes to reproductions of paintings.

The geometric ornament is very simple. In this case, when laying a mosaic, there is no need to cut it into small details. You just need to choose the right color scheme correctly.

For more complex tasks, a computer program is used. It begins with the choice of the image you like – paintings or photos. The choice of suitable color scheme, shades, separation of the pattern into cells – all this is done by the program. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the distance at which the mosaic panel will be visible. This means that it is necessary to take into account the size of the image and the room in which the composition will be located.

It seems that this is the technology of our time, but all this originates from the world of ancient art. You probably know that the image on a TV or a computer monitor is a huge number of small squares. That is, it is nothing more than a mosaic