For the construction of large settlements, modular technology is optimal

To produce sets for panel houses, production sites are needed, which will be much smaller in size than for modular houses, this is due to the transfer of a certain amount of work to the construction site itself. The disadvantage of this construction method is that the construction site should have the ability to clean the entrance for a truck with panels, as well as a place for installing a lifting crane. In addition, if the supply of panels is carried out with the installed finish, then there is also a difficulty in creating a closed circuit for vapor barrier. Yes, and panel technology requires a very high level of qualification of the personnel himself, which carries out installation on the construction site of the building.

First of all, the production of modular houses depends on the presence of the premises necessary for this, because the main amount of work necessary for the construction of houses is performed in the territory of the plant. The house arrives in the form of volumetric modules that are assembled at the factory to the construction site. So here you need to perform only the installation of individual modules, external cladding of the house and installation of stairs.

The cornerstone in modular technology has the possibility of quality control for any of the construction site, as well as the full observance of all construction technology.

The heating infochesist should be chosen based on factors such as climatic conditions, the design features of the building, building materials and the required temperature. The installation of heating systems in this case must be entrusted to professional performers with experience.