What to do with small defects on the walls

The inner decoration of the premises always causes a lot of trouble, because you have to deal with non -standard situations and often it is necessary to make a decision as soon as possible. If you do not have enough skills in the decoration of the premises, then it is best to make decisions agreeing with an experienced master. The walls play a key role in any home, because their area is much larger than that of the ceiling and gender, and therefore the repair will be longer and more expensive. If the defects are not significant, then you can try to align them using plaster, but if the surface is badly damaged, then this option is no longer suitable. For severely damaged surfaces, you need to mount the lattice frame from profiles, you need to set them clearly in level so that the base is direct. There are also situations when irregularities are created by the presence of pipes or other other structures, in this case they must be hidden, for this you can install an artificial wall over the present, or build a box.

First you need to collect the frame, and only then mount the box in the desired place, if you do not have the skills, it is better to entrust this work to professionals. Plaster work when leveling walls is a necessary solution and requires the necessary knowledge in the performance of this work. As a rule, the average thickness of the plastering coating is approximately 8-10 mm, and the maximum up to 10 cm.

As practice shows, dry mixes that are made in factories and factories are very widespread for plastering work. Then, already at the construction sites, the mixtures are diluted with water and applied to the walls, cement, clay, gypsum, etc. are used as astringent material. You can try to eliminate small defects yourself using plaster, but if the wall is very crooked, it is better to invite a person who is well versed in this and can help you solve this problem. Repair of excavators-loaders and other road-building equipment is successfully carried out by JCB Service, you can familiarize yourself with in more detail on the site