French stretch ceilings NewMatu

The European company “NewMat” is known for the variety and quality of products – stretch ceilings. For 15 years, her representative office in Russia has been supplies and installed French stretch ceilings. Technologies that the company applies make it possible to make some kind of ceilings: any color, any size, any texture and shape. But the main thing is the quality. Now you can easily buy a stretch ceiling in Moscow inexpensively, while the choice will be unlimited. NewMat, along with many other manufacturers, offers a wide range of stretch ceilings. One of the main lines is NewMat Classic, in which stretch ceilings are made exclusively in the classic style. The textures of the ceilings in this line are widely varied, and the rich color scheme does not leave indifferent even the most stringent buyers. Another interesting ruler is Newgraphic art ceilings. Their canvas is made by an individual order from the highest quality materials. A series of stretch ceilings BIOPRUF is characterized in that the ceilings in it are antibacterial. Their canvas is made of special materials with an antibacterial effect. Such ceilings are appropriate to install in those rooms in which the environment is unfavorable for humans. The latest technologies allowed the company to realize the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtranslucent ceilings. This is the line of stretch ceilings NewLight. This idea is that the lamps are behind the translucent ceiling canvas. As a result, the room is illuminated by a multiple stream, which creates the interior uniquely beautifully. In addition, any image can be applied to the canvas, which will give greater uniqueness to the room. On the official website of the company you can find a photo of the above products, as well as familiarize yourself with all the other goods that it is ready to offer the buyer. Also on the site where stretch ceilings are purchased the price of price list will help choose the most optimal material option.