The foundation as the basis of the whole house

It’s no secret that the foundation is rightfully considered the heart of the whole house. Indeed, it is the foundation that serves as the basis of the house. The main purpose of the foundation is to protect the house from skew, shifts and soil fluctuations. When building a house with your own hands, the main thing is not to be mistaken when selecting a type of foundation, to fill it correctly and wait for the necessary time.

In modern construction, four main types of foundation are distinguished, the choice between which depends on the state of the soil on which it is planned to build a house.

1. Continuous foundation – is used on areas where the water level changes periodically. According to the external signs, a continuous foundation resembles a kind of stand under the house.

2. The pile foundation is perhaps the fastest, but no less high -quality way to build the foundation. The essence of this foundation is to instill piles under the supporting sections of the house itself, which creates a reliable support. For this type of foundation, waterproofing is necessary, which is based on a regular roofing material most often.

3. Columnar foundation – is rightfully considered the most economical. It is based on the installation of several pillars interconnected. The construction is built directly on the connection between the pillars. This type of foundation involves the installation of small buildings not designed for large wall pressure. It is also not recommended to be installed on clay soils, since in the spring pressure can push the pillars out of the ground.

4. The strip foundation is the most common type of foundation. For its installation, trenches are dug into which concrete will be flooded. This type of foundation is the most expensive and time -consuming of all listed.