Gypsum -plane and gypsum -fiber slabs for the ceiling

Ceilings in our apartments do not always have a perfectly smooth surface. Irregularities can be disguised by finishing the ceiling with drywall or gypsum -bonded slabs. With their help, on the ceiling, you can perform the geometric patterns complex in appearance and form or a perfectly smooth surface. Plasterboard slabs in the inside of the plasterboard slab for ceilings is made of gypsum. Gypsum on both sides is covered with dense cardboard. Gypsum plate slabs that are used in the ceilings are two types, that is, ordinary and impregnated. Saturated, these are plate plate plate, which steadily tolerate exposure to fire, water. Gypsum plate slabs for ceilings mainly have a smooth surface, but there are slabs whose upper layer is perforated. Perforated plates are less durable, but better than smooth plates absorb sounds. Such plates act as a sound insulator in the room. There are special plates for ceilings on sale, both sides are covered with fiberglass. This type of plasterboard plates is best used to build arched openings and curved surfaces. The dimensions of such plates are different, but most often use plates 1.2 m wide, in, the time when their length can be from 2-3 m, and the thickness of the plates is 12.5-25 mm. At the end of the installation work, the conjugated places are put down with gypsum. Gypsuminoconfect plates of gypsum accommodation plates are slabs, the inside of which is made from a mixture of gypsum and special paper. Pulp (paper) fibers of the slabs provide material with greater strength and elasticity. Gypsum-accommodation plates have a width of 1 m, a length of 1.5 m, or a width of 1.2 m, and the length is 2-3 m. Plates have different thicknesses of 10 mm, up to 12.5 mm, 15 mm, and 18 mm. Plasterboard and gypsum -accommodation plates are often attached to the surfaces of the ceilings by using a grate. The grate, in turn, is attached to the roof. For the best effect, it is recommended to perform the design of the suspended ceiling, thus, the sounds are better off due to the formation of the air layer between the ceiling and the finishing stove. You are interested in the installation crane rental? Convenient and affordable price.