Gypsum plasterboard walls – the basis of redevelopment

With an increase in sales of apartments with free layout, the need for the ability to do everything with your own hands has increased sharply. The installation of a drywall septum will be not even an open -capacity exam for a home master, but a test level for an electrical tool. The fact is that to install such a partition will take only one day and one assistant. First you need to calculate the load for the frame, take into account the severity of the items that will be on this partition. The width of the frame and the number of layers of drywall will depend on this. If you have a “deaf partition” with an interior door according to the project, then we install a regular frame. It is better if it is sheathed with two or three (depending on the load) with drywall sheets. This will allow you to lay soundproofing (mineral wool) and conduct communications: electricity, water supply, sewage (if necessary). But if the plans for installing sliding doors, then a double frame is needed. It is two parallel structures. But if in the first case you need to install a very durable wide profile by 7.5 cm, then here you can stop on a lightweight profile no wider than 5 cm so as not to increase the thickness of the walls. Do not forget that the electric cable is laid between the racks, strictly perpendicular to them, and in a special corrugation. It protects the cable from mechanical damage, and when ignited, the corrugation emits gas that you prevent the spread of fire. And one moment. In the places of docking drywall with walls, ceiling, floor, it is necessary to lay a foamed self -adhesive tape. Its presence will remove vibration on the partition and thereby prevent the occurrence of cracks and increase sound insulation. After the installation is completed, you can proceed to the traditional decoration. Installation of a plasterboard partition without involving masters “from the outside”, will significantly help you save money and time