How not to make a mistake in choosing a laminate color

Laminated parquet, known as laminate, is a material made on a wood -based, consisting of several layers. Has a lot of positive characteristics: practical, durable, aesthetically attractive looks. Diverse in choosing textures and drawings. Its use is possible for both residential and public premises.

The laminate is hygienic, easy to care for it. Resistant to abrasive substances and ultraviolet rays. He has an increased impact – and heat resistance. Suitable for the installation of “warm floor”. In addition, it can always be purchased at attractive prices.

The popularity of the laminate is also due to the fact that it is able to embellish any room, to make something stylish, solid from the ordinary. You just need to seriously approach the choice of color.

Attracting the room in the classic style, the optimal solution to the issue will be the choice of laminate for red tree, beech or oak. This option will make the room expensive and respectable in appearance.

For the interior of the country style, retro, ethnicity, laminate is suitable for cherry or tick. A bleached laminate is ideal for the Provence style. The same can be said when it comes to the interior of the living room with columns.

For an avant -garde style interior, the coating is selected in white or black. Color laminate, for example, red, will also look good. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to make the entire floor monophonic, the option of gender of combined tones is also very good.

For futuristic, urban or high-tech style, you can choose a coating imitating stone, tile or metal. Also, a successful solution to the issue will be the choice of a gray laminated tree coating under a tree.

In addition to the style of the equipped room, one must not forget about its purpose. For living rooms, it is better to choose a light brown laminate under a tree; for home rooms-red-brown tones under a tree, with a longitudinal pattern.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the floors “under the tree” should be combined with the existing wooden furniture. The colors of the floor and furniture in this case should be close, almost the same. It is allowed, however, so that the flooring is a little lighter or darker.