How to care for linoleum

As you know, linoleum is a very common flooring. And all those who have linoleum in their house dreams that he can serve him for a long time without losing color and wear. This (that is, the preservation of color and ensuring wear resistance) is easy to do, you just need to properly care for linoleum. A large selection of linoleums and flooring is presented on the construction market, but note that not all linoleums of floor coverings presented on the market have a protective surface. And therefore, if you have such a linoleum without a protective surface and you want linoleum to retain your appearance longer, apply a polish (such a material that is not difficult) or mastic, they will serve as a protective layer throughout the operational linoleum service life but here it is worth noting that the protective layer smeared or applied in this way may not last the end of the operational period of linoleum, and then it will have to be updated from time to time to update the protective layer of linoleum in the above way.

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Do not forget that linoleum spoils under heavy weight, so do not forget that you can glue the pieces of felt on the legs of the furniture. It is also forbidden for linoleum to be constantly moist, because it will kill him.

Even in order for your linoleum not to reduce its positive qualities you need to wash it. At the first time after you bed linoleum do not need to carry out wet cleaning. If over time you noticed that there are some spots on your linoleum, then use the cleanser for linoleum.

Over time, your linoleum worsens its appearance, and then you can use a mixture of water and milk that will help you update the view of linoleum. You can still wipe linoleum with olifa or linseed oil once in a month.