How can you accelerate monolithic construction

Modern construction is rarely dispensed with without the use of monolithic structures. Pools, foundations, basement floors, and sometimes the entire building is only a short list of their application. The advantages of monoliths are obvious – strength, speed of construction, the ability to create complex structural elements. There are very few shortcomings, and the main one is outdated technologies and a low level of innovation in the construction of monolithic structures.

It is noteworthy that this is the case only with us, while abroad has long learned how to implement the achievements of scientific and technological progress in a timely manner. In Russia, the main tool at a construction site is still the hands of workers, far from always as skilled as it really is necessary.

When creating monoliths, the reinforcing frame is most time, in which several hundred rods of different diameters and length are intertwined into a complex volumetric lattice structure. If you act in the old fashioned way and tie them manually with a wire, months will go on the construction of one structure, especially since the workers are little interested in doing such difficult work.

Meanwhile, in developed countries where only the services of qualified builders who value their time are used, this process is carried out in a completely different way. Simple, but effective devices – pistols for knitting reinforcement allow you to fasten the reinforcement in a matter of seconds, thereby significantly accelerating the assembly of the entire frame. On average, the use of such a pistol increases the pace of work by 50-60% and significantly reduces physical activity on people.

Unfortunately, we have pistols for knitting reinforcement are just starting to appear at construction sites. It is produced by the only Japanese company in the world and most of its products are entered in the USA and Europe. But recently, its representative office appeared in Moscow and soon domestic builders will also receive this wonderful tool at their disposal.