How to choose the formwork for the foundation with your own hands?

The first and main stage in the construction of the house is the filling of the foundation. The strength and durability of the building built largely depends on the quality and reliability. There are several types and varieties of the foundation, but the most popular, and often used is the strip foundation. During the construction of such a foundation, you can not use specialized equipment, which will be plus the budget, it will also not take a lot of materials, unlike the slab. However, the strip foundation can be used in the construction of garages, baths, the so -called “light” buildings, or for capital. When pouring a strip foundation, it will be necessary to carry out several types of preparatory work, but they will only benefit. The main thing is considered to be the arrangement of formwork. The formwork is such a design, thanks to which concrete is correct, and can be dismantled after the completion of the hardening process. Type of structure for formwork: sliding. It is used when a solution of concrete is poured into both the foundation itself and into the walls of the building. This type of construction was called “monolithic”. Applied by modern builders everywhere. The formwork itself consists of plastic, or more often metal shields. After the completion of the pouring by concrete, it can be raised, removed, and by sliding, formed a new formwork for the subsequent filling. Disassemble. This type of formwork is made using metal elements, less often – plastic, which can be interconnected by mounting. It turns out a kind of designer from which the formwork of any size and shape can be made. More often used in professional construction. Factory formwork. Simplicity of design, and cheapness – these are the main advantages of this formwork. Used for single construction. When installing, you can use a material that you can subsequently calmly be thrown away.