How to choose the right wallpaper – tips from professionals.

Having built a house, a cottage or planning repairs in an apartment, we think about how to emphasize the merits of the home, how to give it expressiveness, and what to “put on” the walls. The choice of such “clothes” can both harm and help, both to hide the shortcomings and flaunt them. Therefore, the choice of wallpaper is very important.

With the help of wallpaper, you can hide any shortcomings of the room. It can be, say, not perfect walls, a low ceiling or a small space of the room. Therefore, choosing wallpaper according to these criteria, it is important to remember that for small rooms a small pattern on the wallpaper is suitable, for large ones – large. Too much space in the house – striped wallpaper will save you from a sense of discomfort. If you do not like patterns on the walls, then stop your choice on light shades of wallpaper – they will make the room more spacious. In order to hide defects on the walls, choose wallpaper with spray effect or light colors with non -core patterns.

The color of the wallpaper plays the first violin when creating the image of the room. The ideal option will be Marburg wallpapers. Annually manufacturers update the collection of these wallpaper, and the quality is confirmed by numerous awards. If in the room that “looks” to the south, you will glue the wallpaper of warm tones, then you will feel uncomfortable in it because of the seeming heat and an excess of light. Therefore, such a color scheme is best left for “cold” rooms.

It is necessary to combine wallpaper and curtains, furniture, carpets and lighting equipment by color. Then you will receive the harmonious unison that will be the subject of your pride when meeting friends. And you yourself will feel comfortable, comfortable and protected in such a dwelling.