How to choose the right linoleum for an apartment

The use of such flooring as linoleum has about two hundred years now. However, today its popularity is highly satisfied, because this material is not only not expensive, but also extremely reliable. Linoleum can be produced both in the natural and synthetic base. Today’s market is simply full of a variety of types of this flooring. But the most popular of them can be called polyvinyl chloride and natural linoleum.

Linoleum should be selected individually for each type of room, and should also take into account several straightforward rules on this subject. Such a coating should fully comply with its purpose. In addition, the selected type of linoleum must correspond to the required class and durability. He must withstand the load of furniture, heavy objects and all people in the room. Linoleum must also meet all the characteristics that are declared in the instructions for its operation. Choosing such a coating is required in accordance with the design and design of the room. The ability to decipher the factory brands will fully help to decide on the choice of linoleum. The first of the numbers that are depicted on the marking code shows the type of premises intended for one or another coating. The second figure will tell what load it will withstand. Based on the foregoing, we can say that when choosing such a flooring as linoleum, it is important not only to know in which of the premises it will be used, but also how many people will be placed in it.