How to cut ceramic tiles correctly

Often, when laying ceramic tiles, it should be cut to get the desired design. First, the tile should be soaked in water for about forty up to one hour. For cutting tiles, use roller glass cutter. After combine the edge of the table with the cut line and make a breakdown. As a result, get the cut part of the tile. For glass and tiles used to lay on the wall, roller glass cutter is used. Marking should be done with a marker, he draws well on the tile and leaves an exact trace. Then the tiles are laid on the board in order not to spoil the table, and begin to cut it.

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When cutting tiles, some features should be taken into account that will allow the tile to correctly cut. The incision should be at a distance of at least one centimeter from the edge of the tile. An incision is made only once to form a flat groove. To do this, evenly press on the tile and roll glass cutter. In order to carry out exactly according to the section, it should put a match in the groove and gently press on the tile from the line. To cut sex tiles, a tile cutter is used, which differs from roller glass cutter in that it has a larger wheel, which allows you to create a deeper cut.

In appearance, the tile cutter is similar to forceps, which break the tiles after the incision was applied. The tile cutter uses a corner, which should be a metallic. It is more reliable than plastic, which is often found in many models of tile cutters. Using tiles, you get high -quality cutting tiles. Do not be lazy and buy a good tile cutter that will allow you to do your work quickly and conveniently. This will save time and work in a faster planned period.