How to make a sewer in a private house correctly

The issue of installing and laying a sewage system in a private house is now arising everywhere. It is rare when a central sewage system was organized in rural areas or a country village, and I want comfort in everything.

If you seriously intended to organize a sewage system for your private house or cottage, then you should find a specialist in advance on this issue, who can correctly design and implement the sewage system.

It is advisable to group the bathrooms and bathrooms on the one side of the house and organize a system of waste pipes with a minimum number of bends and turns, as well as taking into account the necessary inclination of pipes by at least 3 degrees for natural drainage, without the formation of blockages.

Determining the place for the reservoir and its configuration for waste storage and wastewater treatment, a number of factors are taken into account: the depth of freezing of the soil in your climatic zone, the type of soil in your area, the depth of groundwater. The reservoir itself should be located at least 5 meters from the house and 15 meters from the well of the water fence, if any. And the reservoir and the pipe from the building should lie deeper than the level of freezing. Along the entire length of the pipe run, it is necessary to organize bouncers to the surface for the possibility of cleaning when clogging.

We can immediately say that the grandfather’s version with a cesspool is better to forget immediately, because this method does not meet modern sanitary and hygienic norms. Now systems are actively developing using a sepsis to clean the water before dumping them into the ground. In this system, wastewater is assembled in the main part of the tank and defend. Under the influence of an oxygenic environment, drainage decomposes into fractions. Heavy fractions settled to the bottom. Further, from the upper part of the tank, water is taken and its further cleaning is used using biological or biochemical filters. During the filtering, the water is cleaned to a state sufficient for discharge into the soil without the risk of the environment. The volumes of the system are calculated taking into account the number of people using the system and the bandwidth of sepsis.

The sepsis system can be assembled on the spot both independently and use ready -made solutions. In the finished cleaning systems presented on the market, tanks for upholding and multi -level cleaning systems are already provided, which allow not only to minimize the environment, but also make it possible to use water from drains in re -watering, but neutralized solid waste in the form of safe silt as a safe silt as Fertilizers.