How to stick wallpaper properly with your own hands

In order for the result of pasting the walls to be aesthetically pleasant and pleased the eye, some basic rules of work must be followed. This is especially useful for those who have not done anything like that before. So, what is needed to obtain qualitatively pasted walls? Firstly, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools for work in advance. You will need the following tools: a wide brush, spatulas of various sizes, brushes and sponge, adhesive container. In addition, do not forget to prepare the level, plumb, ruler and meter, scissors and knife.

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Next, before starting work, check the wallpaper rolls for compatibility (specify the rooms of colorism), calculate if there is enough prepared rolls for the entire area planned for gluing.

Then a very important stage begins – this is the preparation of the surface of the walls for pasting. To do this, it is necessary to clean the walls of old coatings as much as possible, if these are old wallpapers, then to remove the wall is better to wet (as you avoid excess dirt and dust, and greatly facilitate your work, because wet wallpapers extend better).

After cleaning the old coating, dirt, web, you need to check if the walls are even. If necessary, they will need to be spatched or disgraced. Before pasting the wall, it is necessary to dry well so that the new wallpaper does not fall off in a couple of days and do not swell with bubbles.

The main thing that should be remembered when the walls are ready and you are prepared to wield a brush for glue, this is the observance of optimal conditions in the repaired room (there should not be increased humidity, drafts, the temperature in the room should be maintained at twenty degrees of heat). The wallpaper is usually “in the joint” so that there are no cracks between the canvases.