How to independently repair a wooden staircase in the house

If you need to restore a wooden staircase in a private house, you can try to do repair work yourself. Preliminarily find out the causes of problems. The deflection of the stairs often occurs as a result of the shedding of the floor, to eliminate such a defect, it will require a replacement of the flooring or ceiling between floors. If you want to rent a house in a blue bay, then we advise you to follow the link given.

A common malfunction of wooden stairs is the creak of steps. This phenomenon arises as a result of drying out of a tree or a loose fit of the step to Kosuur. Repair in this situation is to use wedges under the bending steps or screwing screws to ensure the density of fitting.

If the deflection is significant, it is advisable to use the reinforcing rail, which is attached to the inside of the march. An additional rail and a bending step must be connected with self -tapping screws. In the absence of the opportunity to strengthen the internal details of the stairs, the step with the riser is fastened with a metal corner.

Outlines and chips that appear on the steps are sealed with inserts from a suitable wood breed. The place of the defect is protected from dirt and fat, covered with a primer and the selected part is glued with a special glue for wood. The installation site of an additional element is polished and tinted to the color of the stairs. These problems are subject to independent repair, in the event of more significant malfunctions, it is better to contact a specialist or replace the stairs.