How to put the walls on your own

Any repair work begins, first of all, with the putty of the walls. Since it is the putty material that is designed to align the wall surfaces. The task of putting down is to solve only one problem – to remove the difficulties that will occur during wallpapers or wall painting. Therefore, there are two putty technologies: for painting and under the wallpaper.

Regardless of whether the wall of the plastered or it is concrete, initially it needs to be primed. For this, soils with deep penetration are usually used. Their purpose is the only thing – to increase the clutch rate in the wall surface.

The very process of putty should be carried out in a couple of layers. In this case, the first layer with a thickness of 3 millimeters should be applied using a wide spatula, the width of which should be more than 60 centimeters. Do not try to immediately achieve the maximum indicator of smoothness and evenness in the surface. This will never work out, that is why the putty is carried out not in one layer.

The putty layer will be best applied throughout the diagonal of the wall, thereby you can achieve the same distribution of the material both vertically and horizontally. The most important thing in this matter is to put a putty on the wall correctly. To do this, make maximum efforts to conduct a spatula at an angle of 30 degrees, and at the same time the material must be applied from the side of the still uninterrupted surface. That is, it must be extended towards the already finished plowed area. As a result, the material will be able to overlap. After finishing the entire surface of the wall, it must be well dried.