How to isolate your apartment from external noise? We present a comprehensive solution to the problem

Residents of the modern metropolis often experience severe noise discomfort, which are published by neighbors living one floor above. The reason is the absence of a soundproof coating located on the floor. Sound background in the apartment is fundamentally divided into two options. Tolch or shock noise arises from the walking of the neighbors and the contact of their legs with the floor, and according to the laws of physics, it does not matter who will spread sound vibrations of a large person or child. Phonetic noise is created when talking, listening to music or watching TV. For a person living on a neighboring lower floor, such noise can cause headache, irritability and aggression.

The largest noise background is present on the lower floors of modern houses. This is due to the features of the design of multi -storey structures. But these are objective reasons. In addition to them, there are other factors. In an apartment located a floor above, there may be large animals, frequent classes on musical instruments occur. Children can run and scream there. First, friendly with your neighbors. Sometimes they carry out repair work using hammers, drills, other building tools.

How to reduce background noises? Natural carpet or special linoleum, properly laid carpet will significantly reduce noise. Will help sound insulation of the stretch ceiling, which can be mounted in your apartment. His noise -absorbing effect is not very high, but he can update the appearance of the apartment. To improve the sound insulation of the dwelling, drywall is used.

Professional designers and architects will help you solve the problem in the complex. Therefore, you can contact a specialized company that will select an individual project for noise insulation of the apartment.