How to avoid mistakes when choosing underwear?

When the hostess buys bedding, she wants the purchased thing for a long time to not lose her qualities and appearance. Kingsilk bedding meets all the requirements of modern housewives, so buying this underwear, you immediately protect yourself from mistakes that we will consider below.

Making a choice in favor of one or another linen, the most important thing is to know how it is produced.

Many manufacturers clearly understand that an unknown person is not able to determine how good bedding that he is offered is offered. Therefore, manufacturers go to all kinds of tricks. So, for the manufacture of linen, threads are used much less thin than it should, sometimes instead of weaving the threads perpendicularly, make the binding diagonal. This thread consumption becomes smaller, and the cost of production becomes lower. It is obvious that such a violation leads to the fact that the laundry is rapidly torn, fades and deformed.

In order not to get into the network of such manufacturers, take note of some tips.

First, be sure to look at the label. It should contain all the contact information about the company that has manufactured this product. Next, the composition of the fabric should be indicated. On the label, find the configuration scheme, as well as the size of each component of bedding. Pay attention for how to care for underwear. If the text on the label is unreadable or the data of the company is not indicated on it, then it is better to leave this set of linen in the store.

Secondly, look at the canvas itself. If it shines through, then immediately put it aside, because after several washes there will be nothing left of it.

Thirdly, look at the seams. There is a special seam for linen, otherwise – continue to look for high -quality linen.

And, oddly enough, sniff up bedding! High quality linen should only make the smell of textiles. If you smell paint, then you risk causing allergies.

Do not get on the hook of negligent manufacturers.