How to lay an artificial stone correctly

Currently under the repair, the use of artificial stone has become relevant. It is used in the decoration of walls, fireplaces, furnaces and many other structures. Before starting work with a stone, you need to decide on the type of stone and its quantity. Artificial stone has two types: flat and corner. Then it is necessary to carry out preparatory work associated with the surface and stone, which will be laid on this surface. If the surface is concrete or brick, then it just needs to be cleaned of old materials, using a building tool and a metal brush. After the surface is cleaned and ready to work, an acrylic primer is applied to it. It should also be treated with the same primer and artificial stone. In your free time, you can find out more about reinforced concrete plants.

After thoroughly cleaning and processing the surface, it is lubricated with a solution of glue, which is selected directly under the material of the stone and the surface itself. The stone should be laid on the surface with glue with glue. So that the glue does not have time to dry, the masonry of the stone is carried out in small areas. You need to start from the corner of the room, and from the lower row. The stone should be settled as horizontally as possible. When laying a stone, to create an exquisite type of finished surface, gaps of not large sizes are made between the stones. Then these gaps are filled with a special mixture. The final stage in the work is the processing of the finished surface with a protective layer.