How to make an apartment renovation correctly

Stage One – Preparation of the premises. From the room it is necessary to take out all the equipment, furniture, remove all the sconces and cornices. Then you should dismantle all old coatings, clean the walls and ceiling from the wallpaper, remove the old skirting board and parquet. It is advisable to change old glass packages at this time, since the windowsill and slopes are made after aligning the walls. Stage second – directly repair. If you decide to completely replace the flooring, you should remember that you should first arrange a new screed.

This means that the work will continue only after the workers flood the floor with a concrete mixture and it will dry out. Then there is a queue of electrical work (if necessary). These include: dismantling the old wiring, strokes of the walls, installation of new wiring and sealing grooves. The installation of switches and sockets should be carried out only after completely aligning the walls, and decorative panels are installed after wallpapers or painting sticker.

All cracks should be close on the walls and ceiling, then you need to level the surface and prepare for the application of the final coating. While everything dries, set the doorways. The doors themselves are installed only after the complete completion of the work, since during the repair work they can get dirty or scratch. Next, the finishing of the walls, laying the flooring, installation of decorative elements and door leaf should be done.

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