How to lay liquid wallpaper on a wall

In order to radically change the interior of any room, contrary to common opinion, you do not need any grandiose financial costs. You can just cross the wallpaper on the walls. More precisely, do not even overlap, but put. Why put it? Because the so -called liquid wallpaper is increasing and more popular. What are they good and why Russians are so popular?

The fact is that liquid wallpaper is a universal means of decor change. Firstly, the colors of such wallpapers are probably as much as, in general, shades of color exists on the planet. Secondly, you can change such wallpapers yourself by adding any decorating element when preparing them. Some people to lay transparent (or amber color) liquid wallpaper add insects there to look original. Although, of course, this is a matter of taste.

The direct laying of liquid wallpaper on the wall is not the treatment of tomato disease, figuratively speaking, everything is much easier here. The dry mixture is stirred with water in a ratio of 1: 8, then stirred and defended. If you interfere with manually, then the mixture should stand for about 8-9 hours, if you use a special construction mixer, then one hour is enough.

Such wallpapers are applied in the same way as plaster. Part of the wallpaper diluted with water (approximately 100-150 grams) is taken and applied by circular rotations of the spatula evenly along the wall. True, you should carefully ensure that the layer does not turn out too thick, otherwise there is a risk that the wallpaper will begin to dry out when dried up. Over time, when scratches or spots appear, you can simply light them with liquid wallpaper of the same color. The service life of liquid wallpaper is unlimited.