How to install a steel door with your own hands, part 1

If you want to save and control the installation process yourself, then the steel door can be completely installed with your own hands. But there is one minus, when installing the door with your own hands, the guarantee on it no longer acts, if it is so important for you then the best option will entrust this process for the installation of doors. But if you decide to work, then we will start. We dismantle the old doors. Before we collect the installation of a metal door, we must get rid and free the opening from the old door. First, separate the door from the box itself. If collapsible loops were used on the old door, then we will open it at an angle of more than 90 degrees, and raise the door with a lever, for example, you can use an ax or scrap until it will not come out of the loops. If there are unusable loops, then these elements must be unscrewed with a screwdriver and removed. Then let’s move on to the dismantling of the box itself. We will stick out all the fasteners, and then we will cut with a hacksaw, the remaining lateral parts and pull them out of the opening with scrap. We will also act with the lower and upper and part. The metal box made of metal, which is fixed by welding, is removed by a grinder, we cut off the fixed reinforcement. After we remove the door frame, you need to save the doorway from all garbage. We put a metal door. Installation of steel doors can be done in several ways here is one of them. If you want your metal door to be drowned in the doorway, then you will suit the installation method without mounting plates. This method is used only if your walls reach a thickness of more than 15 centimeters, since it happens to hack the door, it can simply be pulled out of the wall. If you decide to install in this way, fasteners are carried out using holes in the doorbox. But if the holes were not provided by the company that produces the doors, then you can do with anchor bolts. They come complete with the door and can close the plastic lid painted in the color of the box.