How to make a home warm and comfortable

In those days when housing prices and energy were not so high, the topic of energy conservation in the house was not so relevant. But today the situation has changed in the root. Moreover, the problem of energy conservation becomes more acute when central heating systems are aging in the housing stock.

Then the owners of the apartments are wondering: how to insulate your home? And here new technologies come to the rescue. During the construction of a new house, one of the modern methods of energy conservation can be applied. This is a well masonry equipped with insulation, ventilated facades, insulation of the premises from the inside and another.

But if these methods can be used in the construction of new housing, then when repairing thermal insulation systems of already built buildings, they are not suitable. The cheapest solution in this case will be external wall insulation. For this method, the most effective are plates made of polystyrene foam or mineral wool. Find a store where these materials are sold is just as simple as finding a store of good computer tables in Moscow or in another large city.

External insulation of the walls of the house will help to constantly maintain a comfortable thermal regime of the apartment, save the premises from dampness, and the walls – from freezing. In new construction, wall insulation with foam will significantly reduce the width of the foundation and wall thickness. Thus, the cost of construction will also decrease.

Another way to make a home warm is to warm the walls from the inside. True, it is worth noting that the internal insulation of the walls is somewhat inferior to the external in its effectiveness. Therefore, they make it only in an extreme case, when external insulation is impossible.