How to make sound insulation in the house

Sometimes it seems that the whole world seemed to be conspired against you. Everyone is noisy, shouting. And even going to bed there is no rest – the neighbors staged a noisy party. And then you begin to think about making your house or apartment with noise. How to do it? Everything is extremely simple and clear.

So, let’s blow. Starting to make sound insulation, you must first close all the cracks and holes in the walls and ceiling. It is through them that more noise gets into the house. And now you can already proceed to the choice of material that will reliably protect your ears from noisy neighbors. It can be foam and mineral wool that you like best. But do not forget that the useful area of ​​the room will decrease.

Now we install a crate from profiles, where our soundproofing material will be attached. To fix it, aluminum plates will be needed, which will firmly screw to the wall through a layer of mineral wool or foam. Each sheet will have to gain a foothold in several places. The main thing is to fix the sheets with each other so that there are no cracks and gaps – this can significantly reduce the insulation properties.

Well, soundproofing material is laid, you can proceed to its cladding. For these purposes, drywall is perfect. It should be attached using self -tapping screws to the wall over its entire surface. The seams between the sheets are hungry and proceed to the finish. This can be painting or gluing wallpaper.

The main thing is to achieve a comfortable noise in your home. Therefore, in no case do not save on materials. You can’t buy calm and silence for money.