How to make shutters with your own hands?

A private house needs more thorough protection against attackers. For this, it is necessary to strengthen windows and doors. The most vulnerable element of the house is windows. The criminal is enough to break the window to be indoors.

To protect windows, you should equip them with shutters. You can make them and install them yourself without resorting to expensive services of third -party specialists. It is necessary to prepare a beam with a size of 40×60 mm in size, lining or board, jigsaw, pencil, ruler, accessories, glue and varnish. It should be borne in mind that the size of the eve must be identical to the size of the window or slightly exceed them.

For work, you need to use carefully dried bars. A frame is made of them. A separate frame is chopped for each sash. When manufacturing it, it is necessary to ensure that each bar is strictly parallel to others. The primary structure is fixed with glue. Further the frame is reliably fastened with screws.

Almost half of the work has been completed, so very soon it will be possible not to be afraid of hooligans with laser poles and people with unhealthy psyche who like to observe other people’s windows, peering into binoculars and nightly sights with an increase.

The outer side of the ruin must be closed with lining or wooden rails. The surface of bars and rails is treated with a skin and covered with varnish. We must not forget about the aesthetic component. The shutters look more attractive if they are painted with an extraordinary ornament or other interesting drawings. Before installing the sash, it is necessary to fix it on a flat surface to check if they lie relatively quite smoothly. The location of the lock must also be prepared before the shutters are installed.