How to make a loggia in a warm house

For insulation of the loggia, it is necessary to put plastic windows that will serve for thermal insulation of the room. Experts recommend purchasing two -chamber double -glazed windows with 32 mm thick. After the window structures are installed, it is necessary to treat mounting seams with foam, and on the outside of the window to protect the mounting seam from moisture, you need to install a plastic floodplain, or treat it with a sealant.

Winter has not come yet, and cold has already come in your house. You urgently need to warm the windows. But the best way would be to warm windows according to Swedish technology which has more advantages. Your windows will never bother you. In the apartment now it will always be warm.

The insulation of the loggia is a common construction solution in our country, since using it in this form becomes much more comfortable and more convenient. The next step in the insulation of the loggia will be thermal insulation of surfaces with extruded and roller heaters. One of the best thermal insulation materials is an extruded foam. This material must be laid on the wall, and then fix it with plastic “mushrooms”. All the seams formed and adjacent should be treated with mounting foam.

The next layer should be laid the material of the foam, which will be a barrier between a foam and a wall of air vapor. Penophol is laid in such a way that it is facing the room with foil. All joints of this material must be sealed with aluminum tape. On top of this thermal insulation structure you can mount any coating.