How to align the walls.

If you need to independently eliminate the irregularities of the walls, then the most simple and optimal solution for this will be the use of drywall.

You need to start aligning with the installation of guide profiles. To do this, initially prepare the surface of the walls for assembling the main frame. You will need a level and a square.

First, in the parallel direction to each other, fasten all guide profiles to the surface of the floor and ceiling. Then insert rack profiles into them with an interval after 50 cm. It should be borne in mind that the size of the width of the drywall sheets is only 120 cm, and the edges of the neighboring sheets of drywall are attached to the same rack profile.

After you finish the assembly of the frame for drywall, you also need to carefully consider the technology for fastening the drywall sheets themselves, which you will use to align the walls. For these purposes, black self -tapping screws are used, they are made from special oxidized metal.

But that is not all. To make the surface of the walls perfectly even, the joints (places of connection) of the drywall sheets are preferably thoroughly treated with a primer and plunged well.

In those places where self -tapping screws are located, you need to putty in the first place. At the end the cracks.

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