How to paint walls indoors

When painting walls in a living room, first of all, you should correctly plan the procedure for carrying out paintwork.

First of all, corners, the upper parts of the walls, places around the windows, doors and walls by the floor are painted. This requires a brush or a narrow roller. The painted strip should be at least 5-7 cm.

The paint should not be applied to the ceiling – at the top you need to leave the strip about 15 cm. For applying this line, it is best to use the challenge. When painting the walls with a roller, carefully make sure that it does not contact with the ceiling.

The wall should be painted from top to bottom, applying stripes 50-60 cm long and about a meter wide. It is convenient to use a roller with a fairly long handle, standing on the floor.

Freshly painted walls should not move objects that can damage the unwashed surface, for example, such as forged hanger or furniture.

Recently, there has been a tendency to paint the walls of rooms with different colors, for example, one of them to make a darker. In this case, it is first necessary to paint those walls that will be the same color, and then apply a light strip about 4 cm wide to the edges of a darker wall. After that, the lines at a distance of about 15 cm from the ceiling and edges are displayed on it, and only then a special wall is painted.

It is recommended not to save paint, since the surface of the walls should remain wet for a long time so that the working seams on it are not noticeable. To do this, it is advisable to maintain a temperature of up to 17 degrees in the room so far are the paintwork.

Today, for painting walls indoors, mainly acrylic, water -dispersive or water -based paints are used, which can make the surface of both glossy and matte.

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