How to mount the panels in the bathroom

After acquiring the entire set of finishing materials, you can begin to fix them to the crate. Before starting installation, the joints of the panels should be clean and dry. Well, if the panels are a little lie in the room.

Installation work is better to start from the door. The joint of the first element is located outward, and the groove should be directed towards the next panel.

Self -tapping screws or stapler are used to attach panels to the frame.

To get around, various plumbing communications that are in the bathroom, the panel is adjusted and marked at the place of the site that is required to cut. The supply at the mark is not worth it, otherwise you can cut out the excess. It is better to attach the panel several times to cut off a couple more millimeters if necessary. With this approach, you can get the perfect surface without holes. Finishing material is cut using a construction knife. A film that protects the material from damage, you need to try to save. To decorate the corners, you will need roulette and a long rail. It is necessary to measure the distance from the corner to the nearest panel. Then, a marking is applied to the panel that will be installed in this place and a longitudinal feature is carried out, according to which it will be necessary to cut.

After fixing the panels, you can decorate the opening of the doors and corners. To do this, use PVC and casting corners.

The bathroom of any modern house is his second face. Bathroom is a vital element of housing. But the view of your bathroom leaves much to be desired? How to make the repair of the bathroom is really qualitatively known only by professionals, you should not do it yourself!