How to glue vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis

Before gluing wallpaper, the walls must be prepared. To do this, remove the remains of previous wallpapers, if there are recesses, then they need to be thrown. After that, gnaw all the walls and let it dry completely. Glue you need to use any for heavy wallpapers. It is recommended to use vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis in residential premises because they “breathe”. It is very important that in the room where the wallpaper will be, in no case, there are no drafts. Wallpaper begins to glue from the window.

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If there is a drawing on the wallpaper, then when gluing wallpaper canvases, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the picture at the joints. When trying on paintings, you need to leave tolerances 5-10 cm. After the canvases have been glued, the excess is cut off using a mounting knife.

Glue is applied with an even and fairly thick layer on the back of the wallpaper. You need to leave them until the moment of swelling, as stated in the instructions. In this case, the wallpaper will stretch a little. Further, attach the strip to the wall and press from top to bottom with a rubber roller. Excess glue remove with dry clean cloth. The canvases are glued to the joint.

If the surface of the wall is not dense enough, and so that the edges of the canvas do not occur, you can glue a strip of thin paper on the wall of the joints.

If you well and correctly glue vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis, taking into account the above recommendations, then they will delight you for a long time, creating the comfort and comfort of your housing.