How to return the parking to beauty – cycle

Parquet is a very beautiful and popular type of flooring. In addition, it costs a lot, so it should be the most wear -resistant. What to do if the parquet after many years of use has lost its beautiful appearance and completely lost its former gloss? A fairly simple procedure called cycles will help.

To protect the parquet from external damage, it is covered with a layer of varnish. Under the influence of various factors, it is not only amenable to the effects of UV rays and mechanical influences, but also destroys and loses its original color. Therefore, it is worth periodically removed the old layer of varnish and apply a new. Such a restoration of coating is called a cycle. This procedure should be carried out every few years – from three to five. Together with him, we offer you the upholstery of the walls with fabric to your taste, for any choice, so that the wall is combined with parquet. The process of the cycle begins with the preparation of the parquet. The floor is released, all of the left furniture is covered, free access to the mains is prepared, a place for garbage is allocated, which will appear in the process of updating the parquet. All nails are clogged to the level of the floor, and the buttons are necessarily taken out, as they can simply spoil the car. It is worth noting that the cyclist is a very noisy job, so it is worthwhile to coordinate the time of its conduct with the neighbors.

The process of the cycle consists of two stages. The first is the removal of the old coating, the second is grinding. Different types of parquet require various cycles. This procedure is carried out several times – for thin coatings three times enough, for thick ones – about five times. During the cycles, they also engage in puttying slit of parquet using mixed putty with sawdust. After that, the floor is left for a long time until all the dust is deposited. After that, everyone is vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth. In the end, several layers of varnish are applied, after which you can not wash the floor for about a week. In addition, for more than a month you can not move furniture directly on the parquet.

Compliance with such simple rules makes it possible to maintain its characteristics for a long time.